Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles Halftime Thoughts

Well that sucked.

The rotating offensive line idea didn’t work out so well. Sam Bradford was under siege in the pocket and the special teams allowed a kick return score. Still, the Vikings are down only 11-3.

Minnesota gets the ball first to start the half so let’s see what this coaching staff does at half. Mike Zimmer has been great with second-half adjustments to this point and I’m willing to bet the mood in the locker room will be anything less than terse.

The Vikings weren’t going to go forever without turnovers so no need to overreact. But how about some play action looks on first down when the Eagles are clearly keying the run. Might be time to use some double moves on the outside with the Philadelphia secondary jumping the underneath routes.

Defensively the Vikings have been stout but can’t rely on more Eagles dropped passes.

Regroup. Refocus. Let’s go get this one.

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