Make the Vikings Great Again (Zimmer)


I’d like to take this opportunity to address the nation. Our infrastructure is crumbling, our core values eroding. We are no longer the super power we once were. Our biggest strengths have become the chinks in our armor our enemies now target. A campaign founded on optimism, quickly soured and turned ugly.

In order for our nation to emerge from the darkness and into the light once again it needs a leader. Not a quote machine that makes for great soundbites or headlines—a leader who can inspire men no matter their position. If ever this once-proud nation has needed a beacon of hope it is now.

I’m nominating you, Mike Zimmer—lead the Minnesota Vikings Nation from the rubble of its three-game losing streak and breathe new life into us all. This is the position you wanted for so long when so many told you it would never happen. You’ve been dealt a bad hand but nowhere in the job description did it say this would be easy. No one feels sorry for you. The time for talk is over Mr. Zimmer.

The Vikings need you to lead them now before everything collapses. March on Washington D.C. this weekend and get a win. End this slide and restore faith in what you’ve helped build in the last two-plus years. You’re one of the biggest reasons we overcame so much adversity and started the year 5-0 but you’re also the reason we are now 5-3.

As our commander and chief you’ve led us off course. Loyalty to you’re right-hand-man Norv Turner cost us chances at wins in Philadelphia and Chicago. Not recognizing sooner that Turner needed to replaced amongst your most-trusted advisors was a tactical error in judgement. You’ve done nothing to protect the nation from the kicking terrorist that is Blair Walsh. Your plan to spearhead the kicking issues this week did nothing to eliminate the threat as Walsh remains on the roster, ready to deliver another devastating blow at any time. Walsh has already cost you one win this season—yet he’ll roam FedEx Field this weekend a free man.

Oh and that defensive wall you’ve devoted so many resources to building is springing leaks, allowing the opposition to flood over the boarder and deep into Minnesota territory. The Vikings have been gashed twice in the last two weeks by big runs early. In eight games, Anthony Barr has already missed nearly as many tackles as he did all of last season. The front four has only two sacks in the three-game slide—the turnovers have conceded.

The great Vikings Nation is calling on you Mike Zimmer to fix this. Do the right thing, send T.J. Clemmings to the bench and nominate Jeremiah Sirles to take over at right tackle. Enough with the “Beat Green Bay” t-shirts and murdering stuffed animals. Use your executive order and demand that Laquon Treadwell becomes an impact player in the second half of the season. Eliminate Blair Walsh. Make Kirk Cousins look as confused and scared as Cam Newtown and Eli Manning. Rebuild your defensive wall!

The enemies in Washington are formidable—Jordan Reed, Jamison Crowder, Pierre Garcon, Josh Norman, Ryan Kerrigan and Chris Baker. It will take a coalition of the healthy and willing which you have now with Alex Boone and Eric Kendricks returning to action. Expose Washington’s weakness on the left side where the suspended Trent Williams usually keeps guard.

This is your time Mike Zimmer. Your nation is faced with its darkest hour it is time to rise up and return this team to NFC and NFL prominence where it belongs. Make the Vikings great again.




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